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Being a passionate motorcycle racer in his younger days, Mr. Pang Yok You is the founder of today’s conspicuous trademark, Y.Y.PANG RACING SPORT, designing and producing excellent vehicle products mainly exhaust pipes.


Mr. Pang's enthusiasm in motorcycle racing has led him to develop exhaust pipes of excellent quality. YYPANG is the fruit of his labour that reflects his hard work and explorations for over 20 years. His first ever significant work was developed in 1970 for his own racing machine, a Vespa. This work brought Mr. Y.Y.Pang to many proud victories in championships and races. With his glorious accomplishments and his expertise in sports of motorcycle racing, Mr. Pang is truly the best spokesperson for YYPANG’s modified exhaust pipes.


In the early years, Mr. Pang launched his motorcycle business with a dream to make top-notch yet affordable exhaust pipes to like-minded avid racers and potentially, the public. He believes that an outstanding performance in a race starts from a powerful exhaust pipe. 



Every business is destined to face challenges that come its way. Like all businesses, Mr. Y.Y.Pang had his fair share business challenges and obstacles. Despite that, YYPANG remains a competitive brand that is still growing strong. For over 17 years, the YYPANG brand has been leading the market in the production of top quality exhaust pipes. Mr. Y. Y. Pang holds on to his motto that perseverance and determination are the keys to success. 


Today, being a leading brand, YYPANG’s production of exhaust pipes has been catering to professional racers as well as hobbyists locally in Malaysia and internationally. To name a few countries, YYPANG's exhaust pipes are now well known in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Greece and India.


YYPANG – a friendly, perdurable, and honorable brand that you can rely on.


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